Acu-Bright Chandelier Cleaning and Restoration

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Experts Agree...
Leading crystal manufacturers share cleaning advise.        download download pdf


Experts agree...
when it comes to cleaning prestigious pieces of craftsmanship such as a chandelier,
a "quick fix" process can cause significant damage.

PreciosaThe Masters of Crystal

"Do not use abrasives or chlorine base cleaning
agents to clean."



Schonbek Worldwide Lighting Inc.

"Do not use packaged cleaning fluids under any circumstances, even if they claim to be for crystal.
They may contain ammonia or other chemicals that will eventually degrade the frame finish.



"Harsh chemicals have a tendency to react with the pinning causing them to become blackened and brittle."

BaccaratBaccarat Crystal

"Chandeliers must be maintained by experienced professionals who know how to take them apart, to clean each part and to place everything back correctly."

-Baccarat Chandelier


Wilkinson Manufacturers & Glass Restorers

"We take chandeliers apart to clean them, we do not spray them with solvents that can cause untold damage and leave film to attract dust."



"Do not use any cleaning solutions that contains alcohol or ammonia which destroys the protective finish on the chandelier and causes them to tarnish."

-World Class Lighting




Acu-Bright, Inc. cleans and restores the most valuable and historical chandeliers in the United States and Canada. Acu-Brightʼs patented cleaning process (Aquasonics™) uses water and sound waves to safely and effectively restore chandeliers to their original beauty. Aquasonics is the only cleaning method of its kind in the world.
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