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About Us

Acu-Bright, Inc. is the only company in the world to invent and employ equipment to safely clean and protect chandeliers. With innovative technology, decades of experience, and superior craftsmanship Acu-Bright, Inc. is the proven company of choice for all chandelier services.


Acu-Bright, Inc was founded by Keith Campbell in 1976. After working closely with skilled artisans of the chandelier industry and being inspired to invent better methods, Acu-Bright began redefining the industry. Over four decades later, Acu-Bright is a known and trusted pioneer in chandelier care. Now a multigenerational business, our company has worldwide clientele including national museums and landmarks, prestigious hotels as well as fine private residences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service residential customers?

Yes. Homeowners are an important part of our business.

Do you provide service in my area?

Yes. Acu-Bright provides services nationwide, Canada and the Caribbean.

Where is Acu-Bright located?

We are located in East Kingston, New Hampshire with frequent travel up and down the eastern seaboard, extensive coverage in Florida, and service offerings from coast to coast and the islands.

Is there a limit in the size of the chandelier that Acu-Bright can clean or repair?

There is no limit! Acu-Bright has serviced fixtures as small as 1 foot wide to 15 feet wide and 150 feet tall with over a million parts.

How do I get a quote?

Please use this form to send us your information and a picture of each fixture you would like cleaned and we will get back to you promptly with pricing.

How much does it cost to clean a “typical” chandelier?

We don’t see any chandelier as typical. Each fixture is unique and we price accordingly. Please use the get a quote link (insert hyperlink) to see the cost to clean your chandelier.

Will my chandelier be removed for cleaning?

No, our technicians are able to clean chandeliers in place.

Can Acu-Bright reproduce or replicate an entire fixture?

Yes, Acu-Bright can recreate unique and historical fixtures to exact specifications.

Can you provide replacement parts for my chandelier?

When servicing a chandelier for cleaning and repairs, we will source replacement parts to ensure each fixture is complete wholly and beautifully.

Will you provide service on-site?

Yes. Acu-Bright will come to your location to clean and repair, as well as removal, crating and transportation when restoration work needs to be done in our shop.

Can you repair antique and obsolete fixtures?

Yes. Acu-Bright is skilled to maintain the historical integrity of priceless fixtures. Our craftsmen are employed to replicate pieces often believed irretrievable.

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"We were very fortunate to find Acu-Bright. They are extremely reliable and their level of craftsman- ship and expertise in chandelier refurbishment is extraordinary."

Governor Joe Manchin
State of West Virginia

"The chandeliers were in dire need of a deep cleaning and now they look brand new.  I can honestly say that I have never seen them look so good"

Nassey Saidian
Executive Assistant Manager | Hyatt Cambridge, Boston, MA

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