UL Certification

UL inspections and certifications are done in-house for restoration or new productions.

Certifications & Inspections

As a certified UL testing laboratory, Acu-Bright can test luminaires for UL certification. With forwarding services to a final destination, international artisans find this option as a welcome way to add North American customers to their clientele. Use the quote button at the bottom of the page for further information.

Acu-Bright team restoring chandelier
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"We were very fortunate to find Acu-Bright. They are extremely reliable and their level of craftsman- ship and expertise in chandelier refurbishment is extraordinary."

Governor Joe Manchin
State of West Virginia

"The chandeliers were in dire need of a deep cleaning and now they look brand new.  I can honestly say that I have never seen them look so good"

Nassey Saidian
Executive Assistant Manager | Hyatt Cambridge, Boston, MA

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