Chandelier Cleaning, Restoration, & Patented Technologies

Acu-Bright, Inc.

Acu-Bright specializes in chandeliers. Using in-house patented cleaning technologies, services are provided nationwide for all aspects of chandelier care. Established in 1976, Acu-Bright is an industry leader for chandelier cleaning and restoration, encompassing commercial and residential clients as well as projects from historical conservation to rewiring.

Chandelier Cleaning

On-Site Precision Chandelier Cleaning

Acu-Bright’s patented ADAC System uses an environmentally safe process to clean fixtures in place without damaging chemicals. Results are more brilliant and last longer than traditional hand cleaning methods. 

Chandelier Restoration

Skilled Chandelier Restoration

Acu-Bright provides knowledge from generations of New England craftsmen to restore priceless historical fixtures as well as to rewire family heirlooms.

Patented Chandelier Technologies

Internationally Patented Technologies

Acu-Bright is innovating the way chandeliers are cleaned and preserved through the development of new technologies. Holding multiple patents both domestically and internationally, the equipment used at Acu-Bright cannot be found anywhere else in the world.     

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"We were very fortunate to find Acu-Bright. They are extremely reliable and their level of craftsman- ship and expertise in chandelier refurbishment is extraordinary."

Governor Joe Manchin
State of West Virginia

"The chandeliers were in dire need of a deep cleaning and now they look brand new.  I can honestly say that I have never seen them look so good"

Nassey Saidian
Executive Assistant Manager | Hyatt Cambridge, Boston, MA

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