Chandelier Reproductions

Chandelier Reproductions


Fabricated to Match

Acu-Bright employs a team of qualified artisans capable of fabricating parts of fixtures to match existing ones. Dedicated artisans recreate all components to strict reproduction standards to create an unparalleled replica. Acu-Bright’s experts produce metal parts, including precision color matching and skilled lacquering for finish preservation. Multi-generational glassblowers, cutters, and polishers create custom crystal arms, bobeches, and column pieces. Use the quote button at the bottom of the page for further information.

Our Process

Chandelier Reproductions

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We strive to provide you with exceptional and professional service. Ensuring that your confidence and expectations are always met through each stage of the process.

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Chandelier Reproductions

Work Scheduling

Reproduction work is a specialty skillset and requires well-thought-out planning and coordination. We offer tremendous flexibility in our schedule to ensure the least amount of disruption possible. We use the utmost in care with removal, transport, disassembly, and re-installation of your existing pieces.

Chandelier Reproductions

World Class Technology

Acu-Bright is a trailblazer in the chandelier cleaning industry. With 11 patents in the United States and six other countries, Acu-Bright is uniquely equipped to offer the highest, most advanced service in the world.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to ensure that your expectations are always met through each stage of the process, from requesting a quote to completion of service. Your complete satisfaction is always paramount at Acu-Bright.

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