UL Certified Electrical Rewiring


UL Certified Electrical Rewiring & Inspections

Acu-Bright can test luminaires for UL certification (Underwriters Laboratories). UL is a global safety science company that tests, inspects, and certifies products. UL certification is a mark of assurance that products have been independently tested to meet safety standards‒ A requirement for products sold in the United States and Canada. With forwarding services to a final destination, international artisans (and lighting designers) find this option a welcome way to add North American customers to their clientele. 

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UL Certified Electrical Rewiring

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We strive to provide you with exceptional and professional service. Ensuring that your confidence and expectations are always met through each stage of the process.

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UL Certified Electrical Rewiring

Work Scheduling

UL Certification work requires well-thought-out planning and coordination. We offer tremendous flexibility in our schedule to ensure the least amount of disruption possible at your business or home. We use the utmost in care with removal, transport, disassembly, and re-installation.

UL Certified Electrical Rewiring

World Class Technology

Acu-Bright is a UL Certified Lab and a trailblazer in the chandelier service industry. With 11 patents in the United States and six other countries, Acu-Bright is uniquely equipped to offer the highest, most advanced service in the world.

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UL Certified Electrical Rewiring

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Our goal is to ensure that your expectations are always met through each stage of the process, from requesting a quote to completion of service. Your complete satisfaction is always paramount at Acu-Bright.

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