Chandelier Cleaning Technology


Acu-Bright is a trailblazer in the chandelier industry. With 11 patents in the United States and six other countries, Acu-Bright is uniquely equipped to offer the highest, most advanced service in the world.

Setting ourselves apart with chandelier cleaning technology, Acu-Bright uses a proprietary Advanced Directional Atomizing Cleaning (ADAC) system. ADAC is the only system exclusively designed for cleaning chandeliers. Through the use of heated, reverse osmosis, and deionized water (under contained pressure) we are able to reach parts too difficult for other cleaning methods.

In other words, this patented chandelier cleaning technology allows Acu-Bright to provide our clientele with an enhanced experience, ultimately providing the highest quality service available.

Our Technological Advantage

Introducing the

Acu-Bright Mini

Our most powerful, lightweight portable machine to date. We added lighted viewing windows to allow our technicians to monitor both clean and grey water levels while the machine is engaged. This new high-tech, yet compact, system cleans 99% of all chandeliers and decorative light fixtures in a gentle, non-invasive manner.

Patent Highlights

Directional atomizer system for cleaning with a vacuum shield that protects objects.

US Patent #9,662,683

Hand held battery operated cleaner for chandeliers.

US Patent #8,726,456

Vacuum assisted containment cleaning that uses hot air combined with ambient air.

US Patent #9,114,442

Hand-held immersion vessel using agitation and air bubbles to dislodge dirt.

US Patent #8,404,055

Method and apparatus for touchless cleaning of a chandelier.


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